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Houses, Lots, Terrains and Beach Houses for sale in Ilhéus and the region
FEATURED: Beach House with 1 suite and 3 bedrooms and swimming pool near Olivença - GO >
FEATURED: Terrain south of Ilhéus, 8000m² - GO >
FEATURED: House with 3 bedrooms, near the beach, north of Ilhéus - GO >
Terrains for sale in Ilhéus

Terrains for sale in Ilhéus, Bahia state, Brazil. Find on these pages what properties are available at the moment.

Exclusive Area for Sale - Ilhéus Bahia
Big exclusive area for sale, south coast
of Ilhéus - 3,1 ha - code: OG-8
Area for Sale in Ilhéus
Area for sale in front of the south beach
of Ilhéus - 6,700 m² - código: OG-9
Terrain for Sale in Ilhéus Bahia
Terrain for sale South of Ilhéus, beach front,
8000 m² - code: OG-1
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CRECI: 11085-BA
Tel.: +55 73 9128 0320